Monday, 9 June 2014

18 mm Vexillia Napoleonic Ottomans

I've been painting samples figures for my 18 mm Napoleonic Ottoman range. Here's the latest:


Although intended for the late 18th century onwards the unchanging nature of the Janissary uniforms means they can be used all the way back to the very late 15th century: especially if you don't get too hung up about the firearm.

Monday, 27 January 2014

15 mm Mirliton Early Polish - Maciek Kwieciñski

The latest addition to the gallery features some excellent brushwork by Maciek Kwieciñski who runs the Blog Maciejus as Maciejus_exe. In fact the four cavalry bases won the 5th painting competition run by Contest Model Forum Strategies.

The figures used are from Mirliton's Communal Italian range and are ideal for the 14th century Polish troops. The detailed work and the overall color choices are particularly impressive, especailly since this was the first time Maciek had tried using highlights. Overall a very well presented army as the following pictures demonstrate:

Monday, 4 November 2013

15 mm Corvus Belli EIR - Phil Hart

Phil runs the Hart of War painting service and has joined the Vexillia Customer BlogRoll with a post about some recently completed Early Imperial Romans.  From his blog:

"The following are all for sale on Ebay now, in units of 24 figures. They are based on 40x15 MDF bases, 4 figures to a base as per FOG/DBA/DBM rules etc, but as they are painted to order the basing can be changed, as can the shield designs."

The first units are classic Romans in lorica segmentata: